For the last maybe five years I have been taking Zumba at Spiece Fitness and Catalyst Fitness. Zumba is a Group Fitness class where you do dance routines following your instructor to all kinds of upbeat music.  The instructor does the routine in the front of us so we can copy their moves during each song.  If I can’t do it like Katie, out instructor, I just free-style it which means I modify and do what I want.  Usually I video tape me during class and sometimes Katie so I can learn the moves.  I also share videos and pictures on Social Media to advertise the fun class. to all kinds of upbeat music.

A few months ago I asked her if she ever saw a Zumba routine to a popular song.  A little bit later she started working on a routine for it.  Ironically, I was working on a routine for the song as well.  Last week, Katie introduced her routine to us and at the end of class she let me do mine to the same song!   It was the first time I was stage and the class followed my moves.  It was a rush on stage and I had a lot of fun.  

I’m already thinking of a new Zumba song to create a routine for.  Join us on Tuesdays at 530PM for a Zubarific time