Besides being a member I’m also the Member Liaison at Catalyst Fitness.  Some of the things I do is equipment inspection and repair.  A few weeks ago, I took out the motor on a Precor cardio machine for repair.   Last Wednesday, the repaired motor arrived. The next day I installed it in the EFX-546.  I thought it went pretty well.  The hard part was getting the corkscrew shaft threaded into the machine. It had to be twisted many times to feed it through the plastic holder.  The problem The plastic covers kept falling down on me as I was twisting it in.

After it was mounted in the base, I started using it and it allowed me to pedal normally.  Next I tested the incline function which worked for a minute or two.  As it was lowering, It forced the pedals into the bottom housing for the inclined motor.  I never could get it dis-lodged and it’s still stuck that way.  It will still pedal just not raise vertically.

Next time I’m there, I’ll look again at it.