Group Fitness classes have been part of my fitness routine for six years. I’ve taken Group Centergy, Group Core, Cycling, Zumba, and Group Blast. When I started at my gym, Catalyst Fitness, Group Blast wasn’t offered.  Now they are offering Group Blast on Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Saturdays which is quite a change!  At my old gym, I enjoyed Group Blast twice a week for five or six years. 

Group Blast uses the STEP and risers for the class.

Blast is a rewarding and a tough class if you push yourself and I always do.  It’s heavy on the legs and cardio.  There are 10 parts to the 55 minute workout and I’m always perspiring  at the end.  Some of them are cardio push, strength, agility, and balance.  I want to support the group fitness instructors and this class so this week I am going to try and do all three Blast classes which is a lot in a short period.  I’m still doing martial arts and weights so we’ll see how I am Saturday.  

Let’s see if i can do 3 classes in 5 days this week. 


After Group Blast Tuesday evening. Thanks Grace for leading us.