I never did like doing cardiovascular exercise on my own because it seemed boring and mundane.  At my previous gym I was talking to someone in the locker-room around 2016.  They told me about the group fitness classes they took and then I knew why I never saw them in the weight or cardio area.  They were in group classes having fun with others!

The first class I took at the old place is the one Catalyst is starting July 16 – Group Blast.  Besides improving my cardio and stamina, the class is a leg builder.  We are on our feet the majority of time jumping, squating, kneeing, lunging and other moves all to catchy, fun music.

When I was introduced to Group Blast class five years it was challenging to keep up at times, but I kept going to class because it was motivational and fun.   I did at least one blast a week. You just keep moving even if it isn’t quite the way the instructor is doing it.  Hard work and dedication paid off and now I can get through the class and my stamina is much better and my legs are pretty strong I’m told.

We are very lucky at Catalyst Fitness to have Group Blast as part of our Group Fitness line-up starting Saturday July 16.  Come out and join us!  You might have a blast.