This morning at the gym where I exercise and work I was picking up and straitening the Main weight room.  I came accross the middle part where the three leg machines sit.  When I got to the Linear Hack Squat’ there was something in a pile by the foot rest.  It was a nut and bolt set which probably fell out while a member was using it.  I visually inpected all over the machine to find a hole where the hardware goes.  I found a hole near the bottom of the machine where it goes.  Identical hardware was in a hole near by the hole so I had found it.  It took working on my side and back to get a good angle to install it after I got the tools.

When I got up off the floor I forgot the weight bars stuck out from the machine about a foot.  I hit my head on the bar and it really hurt. It left a knot on the side and it still hurts a little almost 12 hours later.

When I went to test the machine I had to move the shoulder rest up the guides to the top.  I couldn’t get it to latch and hold at the top.  The only way was to force it into the catch.  Someone came over and said it looks like it’s bent and they couldn’t get it to hold either.  I put a maintenance sign on it to not use. I don’t want injuries since it has a safety problem.  Hopefully our owner or maintenance guy can repair it.