I work and work-out at a local gym called Catalyst Fitness. We had a nice Military(shoulder press) stand in one of the weight rooms. Weekly, I used it for shoulder day doing dumbbell or barbell shoulder presses.  It was perfect for dumbbell presses since it had a support bar on each of me at the perfect height to grasp the dumbbell to get ready for the lift.
Sadly, I walked into the room about a week ago and found it replaced with a new Smith machine. Someone gave me a heads up that the shoulder press stand was probably going to go away. That’s when I should I have asked the owner about finding room for it somewhere.

Now I have to find another way to do seated dumbbell shoulder presses like I did on the stand.  I did try this week using the Legend machine.  The dumbbells were placed on the two hooks across the bars, but it was a poor substitute. 

I wish the owner would ask the members if they use a piece of equipment before they remove it.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.