One of the arm exercises I’ve performed for years at Spiece Fitness is the forearm roller for the hands and forearms. It’s held in both hands and a weight plate is clipped to the rope connected to the middle of the handle. Using your hands the round handle is rolled up until the weight is brought all the way to the handle. Then it is rolled back down to the floor.  This exercise works the wrist, fingers and forearms.  


Forearm roller at Spiece Fitness

I’ve been looking for one of them at Catalyst Fitness and today I found one in the turf area with the weight equipment.  Theirs is much heavier than the one at Spiece Fitness.  Next arm day I will use it and see how it does.  When I used the one at Spiece, I would stand on a bench to raise me up so when I rolled it I had longer to work.  Find one at your gym and use it if you don’t already and let me know how you like it.

      Catalyst Fitness forearm roller