When I first arrived at Catalyst Fitness in June 2022, I didn’t pay much attention to the cardio equipment room upstairs.  Mainly because I don’t use treadmills and other cardio equipment that often.  There is also an area downstairs with cardio equipment next to the Nautilus room.   After a few months of being a Catalyst member I thought I knew all the cardio equipment by walking by walking by it every day.

The one machine I never saw at Catalyst was a seated rowing machine.  There weren’t any downstairs or upstairs that I noticed.  Once in a while I use rowing machines to warm-up and it would be nice to have one at the gym.  About a month later I discovered two rowing machines upstairs in the corner of the cardio room.  Since they are low to the ground, the taller stair-steppers and other machines blocked them from being seen.

So there you have it.  There is so much equipment at Catalyst Fitness NE, I didn’t see the rowing machines for a few months after I joined.  Let me know if you are looking for a gym and want a tour.  Or you’re just curious about our facility.