It was my first day back at Spiece Fitness since the forced lock-down in March. I was happy to be back in the best gym in my world after two months.  Luckily, I didn’t stop my martial arts training with Sensei Basche at Basches Martial Arts over the last two months.  One thing I wished I had done is take the on-line Mossa fitness classes through Spiece more often. I signed up for them late in the lock-down and only took one class in two months!

When I walked into Spiece this morning at 0615, I found all the equipment had been re-organized and moved.  All the free-weight racks were grouped together along the front mirrors instead of being scattered throughout the gym as before. It was nice having them in various locations, but we’ll see how the new way goes. The three cable machines weren’t close together anymore near the stairs. They were spread out from each other which may be a good thing.  I also noticed the metal cage around the Sports Performance area was gone and it allowed a more access to this area. The truck tires and sleds were still there in the back. The Olympic weight stands were still in the same place.

Friday would normally be arm day but I did shoulders and Trapezus instead.  The first exercise was the barbell military press on the seated bench rack. Second was barbell shrugs on one of the racks. Third was handstand walks on the floor against the back wall. These went better than usual for some reason – maybe it was the two month lay-off.  The fourth exercise was superman ball-toss against the wall.  Fifth was bent-over cable rows and standing cable upright rows on one of the cable machines.  The last exercises were military presses on the Atlantis machine and then dumbbell shrugs.  Last was some cardio on the Jacobs ladder machine which is now on the far right next to the cage in the cardio area.  Few people use this machine possibly because it is kind of challenging to use.  Both your hands and feet are used to climb a ladder at 45 degrees.