Since early March 2020 my life has changed drastically for the worse and you may be able to relate.  It isn’t because of the virus as you might imagine, but the reactions of our elected officials like the President and our state Governor.  They are spreading fear by ignoring facts and speculating on possible outcomes with the help of the mainstream media. Just one example is the media using video from Italian hospitals as US footage to scare us. They are also not informing us that most of the victims have other medical problems.

One thing I can’t do now is facilitate my business networking group.  Governor Holcomb of Indiana closed restaurants for inside service, so we can’t meet at our normal location which is 469 Sports and Spirits.  Our group has met every week for four years to advertise our businesses, get to know each other, and transact business.  My next option was to meet at the New Haven Chamber office in the meeting room but there’s a rule about no groups over 10 – so this was out.  Additionally, the Chamber closed it’s office to the public so there’s another reason.

My business has dropped off since the lock-down and I imagine some clients are avoiding contact with other people now. My business specialty is on-site service to businesses, offices and homes.  I also do remote-control work over the internet on computers and I had calls of this type and also phone support this week. My clients need to know I still make on-site service calls to keep their business running.

Another affected part of my life is exercise. I’m a member of Spiece Fitness and Basches Martial Arts both in Fort Wayne.  Spiece Fitness was shutdown because it was considered a non-essential business (I’m guessing). Since it closed I can’t take group fitness classes in person and I can’t do weight training.  This has saddened me since I spend about five days a week there.  It’s not Spieces fault.  A side benefit of Spiece is I had clients there who I answered computer questions for and did work for in the bistro area. I can’t do that any longer.

It makes no sense to close a state or country to business because of a medical issue.  They made it worse and now we have a record number of unemployed and businesses are closing because of the panic.  If you agree, let our government officials know because something has to be done before things get really bad.