I’m a member of Spiece Fitness in Fort Wayne going on 12 years now. Last year they started major renovations to the entire facility including the locker-rooms.  With the locker-rooms closed for the last few months, we haven’t been able to shower.

Spiece provided a heated Shower trailer for it’s members.  I took three showers in it over the time it was there and it was very clean inside.  You had to ask for a key at the front desk to get in and it there was a side for men and one for women,  each had four, secured shower stalls but not restrooms.  

It was nice of Spiece to have the showers for us and it came in handy.  I’m anxious to see the renovated locker room and showers.  From what I’ve heard it should be this week.  I think Spiece is the best gym in the area and you should stop by and I will give you a tour.