One of the things lacking at my gym in the mornings is an employee watching the weight room and helping the members.  Maybe a member can’t find the abdominal machines in the new area or wants to know how the Jacob’s ladder operates.  They may need to know if Spiece has a group class like the one at another fitness facility. Or how to access the track.

Me with our hard-working instructors: Becky, Hannah and Kasi

Every gym I’ve been a member at had an employee attending to the weight room.  At Spiece, they have personal trainers, but they focus on their clients one at a time.  They really need a weight attendant insuring the equipment isn’t being abused and keeping the weight area neat and tidy so members don’t trip on a handle or weight plate on the floor.  If a member has a habit of leaving weight plates on benches or machines, I would gently encourage them to put them back on the racks or put them back myself. 

Listening to member concerns and getting them addressed would be one of my duties.    The other thing I can do is promote group fitness classes to the members since I’ve been taking them for five years and know the benefits.  Introducing the Group Fitness instructors to new members would be one of  goals.  While I’m in group classes, I could ask if the members would like an introduction to the new weight area or a tour if they don’t already use it.  If a member doesn’t know what workout they should do I would introduce them to Derek, Cody or Devon who are Spiece personal trainers. 

In my 12 years at Spiece I’ve got to know many members and employees by talking to them and asking questions about their workouts and other things.  The good thing for Spiece is that I already do most of these things every day.