Spiece was a great gym two years ago.  I was a member for around 12 years and used the weight area extensively.  They closed the pools, filled them in and moved most of equipment to the same area.  I’m not blaming them for closing the pools – it was probably a money pit and a liability.  I had a problem with them screwing up the fantastic weight room and Sports Performance area by moving all the equipment to the back and discarding some machines.  One day they were moving the weight machines and they carried off the Precor shoulder machine to be discarded.  They didn’t have room for it now . That was the newest shoulder machine and now it’s gone.  The iso leg extension and leg curl machines are gone as well.  They were nice as an alternative to the regular ones. 

                                                                           Look how much space used to be between machines! Feb 2020

In the past there were squat racks scattered around the facility so you were always close to one.  I used them for shoulder shrugs, body weight rows and pullups.  Now they are concentrated all in the same area which isn’t horrible, but it was better before.   They crowded many of the Hammer Strength, Bodymaster and Camstar machines into a smaller area. 

In the past Becky Levi had the sports performance area set up with an iso pulldown machine close to the turf area and I could pull a sled on the turf on back day and walk a short distance to the iso pulldown machine and regular lat pulldown machine.  Now you have to walk farther to get to the machines from the turf area.  The reason I don’t want to walk far is many times I do two or three exercises on three machines in rotation.  The closer together they are, the less time I tie up the three machines for the other members.

                                                       The Sports Performance / Turf Area before it got crammed with equipment  Feb 2020

Another thing they did was take down the heavybags from the the yardarms in the rear of the Sports Performance area.  I and other boxers and martial artists used them for punching and kicking.  I asked them for years to put them back and it never happened.  

Change is needed to grow but Spiece Fitness went too far.  They should have left the weight area alone!   

Part of the weight room as it used to be and the way it should have stayed. 2019