Cardiovascular training used to be a chore for me – I preferred to weight train at Spiece Fitness. I would jog on the track or do the Jacob’s ladder machine, but it wasn’t near as fun and productive as something I’ve been doing since August of 2015.

Group Blast class uses the plastic “Step” and “risers” to do the routines to music with a beat. We do squats, leg curls, knees, lunges and many other moves all in a group setting. The class is divided into 5-7 minute sections with little rest between each one. The instructor is on a platform doing the same routine in the front so we can see how to do it.

I was discussing Group Blast with Becky Gerding on New Years Day after class.  Becky takes the class and is also a Blast and Fight group instructor at Spiece. On Saturdays and holidays, we both are usually in the front of the class next to each other. It’s funny how I work harder when I’m next to the Gazelle as I call her (She jumps very high). The two other instructors are Kasi on Saturdays and Mondays and Hannah on Wednesdays.

When anyone first starts doing Blast, it will be usually awkward for them because the routines aren’t natural. You’re not born knowing the moves and you may not have the endurance either. I know I was self-conscious and awkward the first times I did Blast, but I knew I would improve if I just stuck with it and I have. It’s really helped me in martial arts and my general endurance. Just keep moving even if you can’t follow the routines and remember to have FUN and enjoy the music!

Another deterrent for men may be that you will be in the minority in Blast. On Wednesdays, I am usually the only male. Saturdays it’s me and maybe one or two other males and twenty to thirty women.

Below is a brief video on Spiece’s Facebook page of last Saturday’s class. Thanks to  Hannah for the video.

Great job Group Blast groupie! Perfect start to 2018 #getmorespiece

Posted by Spiece Fitness on Monday, January 1, 2018