Last week I may have overdone the exercise. Monday I did chest and triceps strength training at Spiece with my fitness partner, Denise. I also did some jump rope and heavy bag work.

Tuesday morning I was doing Tae Kwon Do kicks with Sensei at the dojo. We took turns holding shields and targets for each other and I did front, side, and round kicks.  After that, I did Bootcamp at Spiece with my fitness partner, Denise and four others. I was paired with Denise who is very driven. It was very challenging with burpees, squat thrusts, Hula-hoops, curls, skating, and other exercises in a long circuit. For the last circuit, Jump Squat dumbbell curls, Denise was leading us and I was exhausted. We weren’t expected to finish, but we did in spite of being extremely worn out. Denise kept going and I kept quietly saying, “please stop so I can, too.”  She continued until she finished the last set of dumbbells so I finished, too.  I agree with Denise when she said this was the hardest class I’ve ever had at Spiece! Tuesday night I had Tae Kwon Do class.

Wednesday I was at Spiece Fitness and did a light back workout and then Group Blast class which was tough since I was still sore from Tuesday. Blast is my favorite Group class and is pure cardio, with jumping, squats, lunges, balance, and a little dance. I’m always dripping with perspiration after the class.

Thursday was Tae Kwon Do kick training at the dojo. Afterwards, Group Centergy class at Spiece Fitness which is yoga and pilates. Thursday night was Tae Kwon Do class going through our self-defense routines quickly with our partners.

Friday, I just did back stretching and the Chi machine home. Saturday, I just did 630am Tae Kwon Do at the Dojo.  I was going to do a couple group classes at Spiece Fitness but someone suggested I rest my legs instead.

Doing Boot Camp one day and Group Blast the next was not the best combination. It made me the most sore and it didn’t help doing Tae Kwon Do twice on the same day as Boot Camp.  The sorest part of my body now is my left quadricep(thigh) probably from Thursday night Tae Kwon Do.

Someone suggested that I don’t do martial arts the same day I do Spiece Fitness workouts and I may consider this in the future.

Chest Day at Spiece Fitness