I was leaving Spiece Fitness around 0930 today and two men I joke with were talking at an exercise machine.  We were kidding about them standing next to a machine and just talking and not using it.  They asked me what I had done today so I elaborated.  The exercise day started at 0445 when I arrived at Basches Martial Arts for Saturday Jiu-Jitsu.  Trent, Ron, Rob, Adam, Sensei and I grappled from 0515 until 0630.  We take turns with different partners for 7 minute rounds.  Jiu-Jitsu is a complete body workout and I’m perspiring from head to toe at the end.

Then it was on to Spiece Fitness for the continuation of my workout.  I get there usually at 0645 and Ashley welcomes me as I enter.  I talk to Mike who is sitting near the front desk about the Komet Hockey game last night.  After changing, I walked over to the FitZone room and set up my Spin Bike for class.  Kasi instructed us for the 45-minute class and I got another drenching from sweat.

Fifteen minutes later, my bike is put away and Kasi is instructing Group Blast Class.  It uses a long plastic “Step” wide enough to stand on and step across.  To raise it, risers are added under on each end.  I just add one riser on each end, but some people add 2.  Maybe some day I’ll try class with 2 risers on each end.  Blast is about 45-50 minutes and it gets my cardio going and my lower body is “blasted” at the end.

And that’s what I did today!