Most of my articles are on exercise and food but today it’s something a little different.  It’s about what we put on our bodys and not in them.   I was using a bathroom around the holidays and went to wash my hands.  They had a pump soap dispenser and it had a festive aroma after I pumped it.  Being an avid label reader I looked at the contents and was surprised to see so many ingredients.  Then I was startled  to see some dangerous sounding ones  like Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate and Benzyl Alcohol.  Others were not pronounceable and one had 27 letters in the single-word name!    

I applaud the company for revealing the ingredients and at the same time I wasn’t happy to see the dangerous ones in there.  Maybe they were needed to get the Holiday aroma it has. Above the ingredients they mention it has Aloe and Shea in it which are good ones to have – I’m concerned about the others.  I would just be careful what you apply to your hands because it gets absorbed by the skin.  It then can affect your internal organs.  It’s what you put “in” your body and also what you put “on” your body that matters.

Below is a picture of the label which turned out blurry for this article –  sorry.