Spiece Fitness has an area in the very back which I like to frequent. It’s called the Sports Performance area and it features a large open area with astro-turf. One of the lower body exercises I do is a prowler sled workout. These sleds can be loaded with weights and pushed or pulled in various fashions. Most people push it with their hands but there is another option.

My old fitness partner and I used to pull each other on the sled for a great cardio/ leg workout about four years ago. I did a solo one last week and it didn’t take long for me to get tired pulling the sled and 50 pounds.  I try and pull the prowler sled forwards and backwards to get all the muscles.  The rope I use is in the blue cabinet near the door. Four years ago we used straps to connect the sled to our bodies, but it was a pain to get them tied and connected.