Last week during a computer service call a client asked me about my workouts. They wanted to know how I lifted weights at Spiece Fitness. They also happened to be a Spiece member who took some time off due to a health situation.  Do I record my weight that I lift? Do I try and lift more the next time?  How many reps per exercise?  I tried my best to answer their questions

Most of the time I record my exercises in my smartphone Google calendar with the weight I lifted and number of reps for each exercise.  Generally,  I lift weights four to five days a week and do one body group a day. The groups are: chest, back, shoulders/traps, legs, and arms.   This year I started mixing in heavier weights with the usual weights I use.  Most of the time I do 4 sets per exercise and try and do 10 reps at a time.   Of course if I lift a heavier weight the first time, I lift fewer reps than a lighter weight.  I also try to do a variety of dumbbell, barbell, machine, and body weight exercises each day.

My client was satisfied with my answers and hopefully will get back in the gym when they’re able.