I don’t do cardio exercises by myself.  Zumba, Martial Arts and Group Blast are my cardio.  Zumba is my creative, fun class which is popular all over the world.  We have Zumba Tuesday and Thursday nights at Catalyst Fitness, where I am a member and employee.  The instructor has let me do my own routine on stage for one song and it was fun and challenging at the same time.  We were talking about a new song we both knew and she said why don’t you come up with your own dance for it.

I’ve got the chorus part figured out but the other sections have been harder to determine.  I like to come up with unique movements for my dance routines, but Katie says it’s good to use common moves from other Zumba routines.  It makes it easier for everyone to follow along when  new song has movements they already know.

If you are unfamiliar with Zumba start doing it at Catalyst Fitness or find a place that does it.  You’ll be glad you did.