In early August my back started hurting one night and got steadily worse over the next two days.  It got so bad I went to an orthopedic clinic,  they prescribed muscle relaxers and something else I forgot about.  I thought I hurt my back doing Deadlifts at my gym days earlier.  It kept hurting and two days later my wife took me to the emergency room.  There they confirmed I had Shingles and a bowel obstruction.  So I was wrong about a weightlifting injury.  The pain was worse than I can ever remember in my back due to the Shingles on my lower back and groin plus the bowel pain.  I was in bed a lot.

Slowly the pain eased and could walk a little.  I finally started driving again going on computer service calls and just yesterday I went to my gym to work and work-out.

My discharge papers for the emergency room say they don’t know what causes the dormant Shingles virus to wake up and become active.  I know in my case for around two weeks prior I ate cake and ice cream every day and sometimes with icing.  All the grains like sugar wheat and corn fed the Shingles virus in my body and in activated.  I don’t usually eat like that so for 50 years in never affected me.  As far as the bowel obstruction, all the heavy cake settled in my stomach and intestines and clogged it up.  I was also hydrated during this time