Breakfast is the most important meal for me. One reason is my exercise schedule starts as early as 0615 two days a week and 0700 on two others.  Without a big, healthy meal, I would run out of gas at Basches Martial Arts and Spiece Fitness. Before I knew better, about twenty years ago, I ate grains, yogurts and fruit as my breakfast. I grew up on oatmeal and boxed cereals and toaster pastries.  As a young adult, I started consuming bagels.  About 15 years ago, eggs took center stage and I phased out grains.  This was done because of a health show I saw on broadcast TV and it made sense.

Now My breakfast centers around three or four eggs each morning with vegetables. A meat like bacon or steak was usually added for variety and habit. In the last year I’ve slowly transitioned from pork and beef to fish.  I know that doesn’t sound American, but I don’t eat like most Americans.  One reason is the cost and the other was a lack of fish in my diet.

Salmon is my fish of choice because of the nutrition and the taste. I buy the canned salmon. there are a number of choices.  Skin and bones may sound disgusting to consume, but I try and buy Salmon with the bones and skin.  Look on the can label for skinless and boneless- I don’t buy if it says that. I’ve learned that if it doesn’t mention skin or bones, then the whole fish is included.  Well, not the ENTIRE fish, just bones, skin and meat. The bones are edible because they have been softened by the cooking process before they are put in the can.  The bones and skin have nutrients which are beneficial for humans