I was talking to a fellow group class member at Spiece Fitness this week about exercising at Spiece and how lucky we are to have the weight area.  It’s probably the best equipped strength and conditioning weight room around.  If there’s a better one, please show it to me.

We have free weights, iso machines which require plates, and fully contained strength machines which just need a pin moved to select your weight.  There are usually multiple machines and stations for the same exercise so this gives your body a variety of options. Also, during busy times, you’re not waiting on one machine.

Spiece Fitness has a vast area of equipment and after 10 years, there are still a few machines I haven’t used!  It’s easy to be intimidated or reluctant the first time you walk in to the weight room by yourself. A smart option is to consult the personal trainers. Becky Levi, Derek Frisk, and DJ all can acquaint you with the equipment and help tailor a workout plan for you.

Also don’t be afraid to read the information that is affixed to each machine. It describes how to use the machine and what muscles it works.

I’m not a personal trainer but I’ll be glad to give you tour of the place and show you our remarkable weight area and the different machines.