I do martial arts with Sensei Steve Basche about four times a week and one of the training techniques we do is controlled Taekwondo (stand-up) sparring.  It’s free-form fighting where we use our different kicks and punches on each other. It helps me improve my defense against an attacker. Also I get to practice my different kicks and work on my weak side (which is a secret.)

Safety is important and I wear protective equipment to prevent injuries. Last week I got new shin/foot guards and gloves from Huyabusa.  They are much better than the 2 previous sets of boots and gloves I’ve used which manage to.  It’s going to take some time to get accustomed to them as I’ve had the previous equipment for around four years and they were a different design.

I don’t mention this enough: If you’re into combat sports, Sensei Basche is a great teacher for stand up and ground as he stays in shape and practices many different martial arts.

New equipment