Around the beginning of November, I returned to Spiece Fitness as a member after a two month absence.  A long time Spiece member and I discovered we had similar drives and interests in exercise diversity so we began exercising together.

Denise is a group class enthusiast who takes many more group classes than me at Spiece.  She does spin, power, fight, centergy, core and boot camp and probably others. Before we became workout partners, I did Blast almost exclusively with a few core and centergys thrown in.  But in the last week, I have done spin, power, centergy and boot camp with her. And we did blast together this week.

When we first discussed what we wanted out of our mutual workouts, she expressed making use of the Sports Performance area.  That’s one area I have extensive experience in so I was glad she was interested. She asked me if I had ever done workouts with the heavy “nautical” ropes. I’ve done them once or twice in seven years so I was open to what she wanted to do. She’s researched different workouts and is now in charge of our rope workouts. We videoed one set of the alternating rope waves and my front deltoids (shoulders), biceps and triceps really felt the motion.  It’s a big change from doing biceps and triceps exercises with weights which is a slower activity. Thanks to Spiece Fitness personal trainer, Derek Frisk, for telling us the name of the exercise because we forgot.


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