On Wednesdays most weeks I do my back strength and conditioning regime. It typically is six to eight exercises with barbells, dumbbells, my weight and cable machines.  I do rowing motions on my stomach on a bench or sitting and pulling back. To activate the spinal erectors and trapezius I perform Good morning exercises and deadlifts.  In the past I didn’t use much weight- maybe 45-75 pounds on barbell deadlifts.

This week working with my partner, she wanted to do heavy weight on her barbell deadlifts.  Instead of suggesting to use less weight, I used what she was using on the first set and stayed there while she increased hers.  My total weight was 135 lb for 3 sets.  That’s more than I ever have done.  So hats off to Denise for encouraging me to go heavier. There’s no going “back” now.


One-arm body-weight rows on the Hoist rack at Catalyst Fitness.