On June 1, 2022 my fitness life changed for the better when I started exercising at Catalyst Fitness in Fort Wayne.  I hit the Catalyst ground running in the weight rooms doing strength and conditioning like I did at Spiece.  A friend from Spiece Fitness ran into me around July 1 and we discussed out workouts.  We used to be workout partners so we knew how dedicated we were to exercise so we joined forces again.  One of the endeavors Denise enjoys is cycling classes so I started attending them with her in the mornings.

It took a little time to get my body accustomed to sitting and peddling for 45 minutes but the music helps.  Having Denise there helps because she can help adjust my bike and give advice.  We try and guess the songs the instructor is playing or artist.  The instructors give good directions so I can adjust the amount of gear on the bike to simulate hills and valleys.

Come out to Catalyst Fitness and build your legs and endurance on the stationary bikes with some other cyclists.  It’s fun!

The  bike  I  rode  today!