Members at Catalyst Fitness NE on Trier Road are very fortunate to have Group Fitness classes available. One of them is Cycle class held upstairs in the classroom right off the track. Because that is where the bikes are located.

I’ve taken it and it gives me a good cardio and leg workout.  Mark plays high-energy music to motivate us so we can push harder during our rides.  If I know the song I’ll usually sing along.  It’s more fun with a group of people to do cardio than going solo.  We joke and have fun while getting fit. 

 I would never do cardio on my own now that I’ve experienced Group Fitness classes and if you haven’t please go and see if it isn’t better than being by yourself.   

Marks Cycle classes are Tuesday and Thursdays at 0830AM and Saturday at 0800AM.  The other times for cycle class are Sunday 0800AM, Monday 530PM, Wednesdays at 530PM, Thursday 0530AM and 530PM.