(I started this article March 25, 2022).  March 31st is my last day at my current gym. I won’t be renewing for various reasons and my previous articles address this if you want to read them.  I’m still doing Martial Arts in the mornings so I’m keeping fit in this sense.  

(April 13, 2022) The question I have for me is – “Can I stay in shape without a gym membership?” Probably. But will it be fun? Probably not as fun as group fitness classes I took at Spiece.  One reason it will be fun is I’ll be outside doing a lot doing things I haven’t done in a long time and it will be similar to cross training.  

The biggest challenge is: Will I push myself going solo in the cardio arena.  The group cardio classes pushed me with instructor encouragement and self-inflicted peer pressure. This week I started biking and jogging outside.  Jumping rope and heavybag work outside was also done. 

For strength and physique there are many equipment-free exercises I can do as in push-ups, dips, and hand-stands.  I actually have a document called the equipment-free exercise which is going to be a shock to my body.  My old exercise partner had us doing a variety of things and some were no-equipment exercises like duck-walks, walking lunges and swans.  

And the best outcome will be having a new writing angle for these articles.