Yes I admit it- I love Zumba. I’ve wanted to do it for years at Spiece Fitness, but I heard only women took the class. I was afraid the guys in the weight room would see me going in or leaving.  Yes it’s silly, but that was my thinking.  I took a few Zumba classes at the Y last fall when I was a member for two months and really enjoyed it. The instructor there was a man and the class was huge taking up a basketball court on Saturday morning.

When I re-joined Spiece in November 2017, I continued taking Group Blast class as I have for two years. Blast helped me overcome the fear of being the only man in class because I usually was on Wednesday mornings.  I started doing the Zumba class this winter at Spiece Fitness and have fallen in love with it.

The Zumba class at Spiece is high-energy, great music and fun dance moves. We do other things like squats, kicks and punches.  Our crazy instructor is Nikki and I mean crazy in a fun way. She can make all kinds of musical noises with the music and also sing with the songs. This really gets me into a great mood no matter how tired I am from early morning Jiu-Jitsu and Blast class I just finished. I don’t think anyone could do as a good a job as Nikki in Zumba. She shows us how to have fun, sweat and work the whole body. She gives visual and vocal cues for beginners like me to let me know where we’re going with our dance moves. When a dance move is difficult, I just do my best and keep moving. As long I keep going to class regularly, I will slowly improve. No one judges or makes fun of me. Join us on Saturdays at 9AM in the Spin Zone at Spiece Fitness and dance your way to fitness. Other Zumba classes are Tuesday and Thursday nights.