I work during prime time at Catalyst Fitness NE during the weeknights.  One of the things I do is straighten the weight rooms and hang up cable attachments on our stands.  Tonight being a Monday we had wall-wall people in the weight rooms.  One of our members was searching for a certain cable attachment for arm curls.  They had been looking for it for three days and asked me for assistance.

I went on a mission to find it as I made my rounds throughout the facility picking up and putting weight equipment in it’s place.  when I got back to the main weight room, I looked in the plastic bin by the Paramount cable machine.  In the bottom I found a bar which looked the one Andy wanted.

Was this the right one?  Maybe.   I looked for him and found him next door in the LifeFitness room(formerly the Nautilus room).  He said, “Where did you find it?”   I let him know and next time maybe he’ll look deep in the plastic bins if he can’t find it on the stands.