For the last 4  months I was a morning exerciser at Catalyst Fitness. Mainly because I did Martial Arts at another facility and it was convenient to continue at Catalyst afterward around 0800.   Something changed around mid October 2022 and Martial Arts ceased temporarily for me. 

With my mornings Martial Arts free, I started working out with my fitness partner in the afternoons closer to the classes we took (Group Blast, Cycling, Group Centergy, Cardio KickBoxing).  The gym is busier later in the day than I prefer, but I’m slowly adjusting.   My workout partner is accustomed to evening workouts so this is good for her.  

The bonus to doing afternoon workouts before fitness classes is less travel time and gas expense.  I’m also meeting more people at the gym who may eventually find out I do IT work and may need my services.  

If you exercise, what time of the day do you do it?  Any preferences? Times you dislike?