Since around 2017 I took Fridays off from weights after lifting upper body Monday through Thursday.  Friday used to be leg day when I worked out with a workout partner in 2013. From 2013 to about 2017 I did legs at Spiece Fitness using some of the exercises from Kit, my workout partner.  I did a mixture of weights, machines, and body exercises in the Sports Performance area.  Some of them were squats, the glute machine, duck walks, bosu ball balance, spider crawls, walking lunges. The reason i took it off was since Group Fitness and martial Arts.  Since about 2016 or 17 I started group blast and Zumba- very leg/lower body intensive.  Around 2015 I started my Taekwondo training towards Black Belt and it’s very kick-centric.  I mainly perform four types of kicks so the lower body gets worked hard.   I’m going to get back into legs with the weights and machines and two week ago I was back doing leg exercises again