My new fitness facility is Catalyst Fitness in Fort Wayne, IN. I started there on June 1, 2022 after being at Spiece Fitness. For most of June I worked out solo at Catalyst and then I ran into a former workout partner from Spiece, Denise. We started talking and realized we could get a lot from each other as fitness partners at Catalyst. We both like martial arts, she wants to do more weight room exercises like I do, and I’m up for HIT in my workouts that she specializes in.  We do Cycling classes together which she favors and she indulged me by attending the last two Group Blast classes with me.  She creates our leg workouts we’ve been doing on Saturdays as well.

We’ve been HIT work like throwing medicine balls, martial arts mitt work, duck walks, bear crawls and others in the turf room and in a separate room.  In the weight and machine rooms we’ve done all kinds of exercises like bench presses, military, squats, curls, cable machines and many others.  

It’s great having a like-minded partner to encourage you and watch out for your safety when lifting.  If you have a chance to partner with someone at the gym do it and watch your fitness life improve. Two is better than one in the weight room.