I practice Tae Kwon Do which is a Korean standing martial art.  A way to practice is to kick and punch a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling.  A heavy bag is usually cylindrical and filled with sand, sawdust or rags.  I practice full-force on them with punches and kicks while not being concerned about hurting someone or myself.

At Spiece Fitness we used to have heavy bags hanging in the corner of the Sports Performance area for many years.  They were hanging from two steel supports bolted to the concrete wall and gave a 360 degree access to the bags.  The supports are still there, but the heavy bags got removed last year. I really miss them and I know other members who box and do martial arts miss them too.  The only one we have now is a stand-alone holder which only allows half the access to the heavy bag.  The other side of the holder is a speed bag.

Let’s get the bags back where they belong so they can be used in the best way possible.

June 2016 Spiece Fitness Heavy Bag

June 2016 Spiece Fitness Heavy Bag in original location