On Saturday mornings you will find me at Spiece Fitness in Fort Wayne, IN.  It won’t be in the weight room like I am during the week, but in Group Fitness classes.  We are very lucky to have the quality and quantity of fitness classes at Spiece.  Our instructors are the best and do a great job with all skill levels.  I tell all the guys at Spiece about the classes and some don’t know they come free with their Spiece membership.

At 8am I’m in Group Blast in the large, Get Fit Zone near the basketball courts.  Kasi is our amazing instructor for this class and it’s high-energy music with athletic body moves and moving around your step.  It uses risers and the Step which are optional. After Blast there are three class options at 9am for you: Group Power, Group Core, and Zumba.

I’ve become addicted to Zumba just like I have to Group Blast.  Nikki is our instructor for Zumba and it meets in the SpinZone.  Her crazy antics and sense of humor makes it a fun class.  Zumba is dance-oriented and that’s why I like it so much.  Today’s release was new to me and I got lost often during some routines.  The key is to keep moving and like anything else the more more you do it, the better you’ll get.  I missed several classes in the last month or two and it shows.

Today, I was the only man in class and sometimes there are men in class with the women.  Don’t let that stop you from attending if you are a man because all these classes are co-ed and everyone is friendly and encouraging.

I got the title for today’s blog from Nikki who told us last week that real men do Zumba and I’ve been smiling ever since!

Spiece Fitness Saturday class schedule