Group Fitness classes are my cardiovascular training vehicles and they are more fun than machines, walking or running.  My favorite group fitness class is probably Zumba followed by Group Blast.  Both have modern, high-energy music and enthusiastic instructors. Zumba is more dance-oriented cardio and Blast leans toward athletic leg and cardio workout.  I like dancing so Zumba is the closest I will get to dancing since my wife won’t dance.

Zumba has been at Catalyst for around a month now on Saturdays at 1000am.  Katie is our instructor and has been fun and helpful letting the class learn the routine and sweat to better health.  We meet in the upstairs classroom right off the track.  My workout partner was downstairs in the main weightroom last week and could hear the loud Zumba music and us moving up and down on the floor.

Come out on Saturday mornings at Catalyst Fitness NE and get your dance moves going.