I work out hard doing weights, martial arts, and group fitness classes. Sometimes body parts are sore and I keep going with my exercise routines.  Other times I’ll break from the routine to rest.  An old workout partner from 2013 would make me rest three days in between our workouts if I was sore on Thursday so I wouldn’t get injured or discouraged.  I didn’t want to miss Fridays but I listened to her and rested.  When we started back Monday I was fresh and ready to go.

This week my right elbow is sore and swollen so I took off Friday and today.  I’ll also take Sunday and probably Monday off from everything to let it heal.  I made it worse last week by doing my usual weightlifting routine during the week because the elbows are used for all the exercises.  Today, I didn’t want to miss Group Blast at Spiece, but I didn’t go and risk it when we did planks or burpees. 

I’m learning to listen to my body and rest it when I have pain so I don’t have permanent damage.