I’ve always been intrigued with boxing and martial arts throughout my life. When I was a youngster, my father got my brother and I boxing gloves which we used in controlled settings. Later in life, we got a heavy bag and my Dad and I used it in our work-outs.  It was funny how my Dad would freak-out it I kicked it during the work-out so I wouldn’t do it while he was watching. He felt the bag should just be punched and not kicked, probably because he only knew boxing and not martial arts.

Two and a half years ago I added Basches Martial Arts to my exercise life. Tae Kwan Do is the main discipline and about a year ago I started Jiu-Jitsu also at Basches.  It’s transformed my body into a leaner more defined one and given me the ability to defend myself either standing or if I wind up laying on the ground. The odd thing is that I hated Jiu-Jitsu at first, but now love it.

One area martial arts is helping me improve is stretching and flexibility.  I have made some progress, but have much more to go. Sensei Basche stresses that I need to stretch before any physical activity to prevent injury.  He and a previous work-out partner suggested I do Yoga.  I want to make this a regular event just like strength straining, martial arts, and cardio and I will be doing it at the Y.

So my message today is if you are stretching now in your life, continue. If you aren’t, then start. Take it from me- it’s harder the older you get.