Last January my wife and I had to make a tough decision about our dog.  He was having seizures and other problems for a while.  At first they didn’t last long and sporadic.  As time moved on, they got longer and more frequent.  He was 14 years old and it was time to put him to rest. On his last day, we still went on a short walk in our front yard and he was barking the night before at a squirrel.

He had some interesting habits. He slept in our bed  and if you woke him he would sigh and moan.  I laughed whenever he did this.  I was usually the last one in bed and night and most of the time he was in my spot.  If we took his collar off at night and not put it back on the next day, he would whine at it and pick it up and carry it around until you put it back on.  He loved the outdoors and being a beagle he tracked scents all over the yard.  His favorite pastime was probably our walks around our neighborhood.  Whenever I got home during the day, he would follow me around and stare until I gave him a walk.

One of the funniest things he did happened in July of 2013.  I was waiting in our car in a parking lot with him car and a horse and buggy went by.  He went berserk like he never saw a horse in his life.


We had fun in the backyard running and playing with birdseed bags old clothes and rope toys. This video is from 2014