I make a drink in the morning before I consume anything else like breakfast or my Vitamin Mineral Fusion drink.  One of the ingredients is turmeric root which is supposed to help with pain and inflamation.   Since the wonderful Covid lock-down, it’s been hit or miss finding this root.  I know Kroger Grocery and Aldi’s doesn’t carry it at all so I don’t look for it there any more.  One time it was found it at the Health food Shoppe on North Anthony, but yesterday they were out of it. Meijr Grocery has it about every other time I look for it.  My new policy is to purchase as much as I can whenever I find it.  Tomorrow, I will stop at Fresh Thyme to see if they have it – which I bet they do as big as they are.

The best thing I should do is look into growing it myself, but it might only grow in tropical areas or something I can’t provide.  If you’ve grown Turmeric root please advise me if it can be grown in Northern Indiana, USA.