Like everyone, I once cleaned my clothes with water and laundry detergent.  Television ads have drilled it into my head that there is no other way.  Around eight years ago at a business networking group I discovered a better way.  Sherrie is an RN and has a business which offers environmentally safe products.

One of the products is called the laundry ball and it cleans without detergents and boosts the waters ability to clean.  It uses natural things like alkali, anti-microbrials, magnets and others in pellet form in a shell enclosure.  You place the laundry ball in the washer with your clothes and cold water. It moves around the clothes and agitates the oil and dirt off the clothes. 

My clothes are clean without reeking of laundry detergent.  Maybe the best thing is my body isn’t absorbing laundry detergent anymore. The laundry ball lasts 365 washes and doesn’t pollute ourt wate n my waste water.