To stay strong and build muscle my main protein source is eggs.  I eat fried ones in the morning with vegetables, fish and beans.  During the day I eat hard-boiled ones I keep in my lunch pail.

Back around 1988 I bought a set of Rubbermaid plastic food storage containers from the Phar-More store in Fort Wayne.  It’s long gone now but it used to be in the Shoppes off of Coldwater Road.  It’s now a Joann Fabric Store.  The smallest plastic container was perfect for a hard-boiled egg.  It got used over and over throughout many years.

Sadly, the top started to crack and eventually it broke and was unable to keep a seal.  It was thrown away last month and sometimes I still hunt for it in the kitchen.

Being plastic, it’s probably better for my health that’s it gone because it may have been leeching dangerous chemicals into me.