When I choose food in the store, I read labels to see what’s in it.  I use mayonnaise for tuna fish salad and other things.  After researching traditional mayonnaise it concerned me to find soybean oil in it.  I feel soybeans are not good for humans and avoid them.  Somewhere I discovered a better replacement was avocado for soybeans.  Now I buy avocado mayonnaise instead of the traditional kind.

Recently, at a grocery store I was comparing different brands of avocado mayonnaise and saw these two.  One had a small list of ingredients and the other had a larger list.  Most of the time I go for the fewest ingredients possible.  The main difference with these two were the addition of Canola AND soybean oil to one of them.  It also had some preservatives the other didn’t contain.

I chose the more expensive one because it had just avocado oil without canola and soybean.  And it had the fewest ingredients.

How do you shop using labels?  Or do you even read them?