I don’t know if I can trust them, but I do read them.  I’m talking about food labels on boxed and canned foods.  From what I remember from school, every food product must have a food label in our country per the FDA.

When I’m food shopping, it can take a while since I read labels and compare ingredients of similar products.  One example is beans for the chili I make.  In the past I would use Red or  Kidney Beans since the recipe called for them.  Then over time I started to read labels and I found both Red and Kidney Beans had a retention agent included.

To avoid the retention and firming agents I started buying canned black beans.  Most of the Black Beans are packed in water and salt only.  At least at Meijr and Aldi where I shop.  The other ingredient I avoid is corn syrup and reading labels helps me with this.