Saturday was the launch of a new Group Blast fitness class release at my gym, Spiece Fitness in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Spiece has several group fitness classes offered seven days a week and they are a terrific way to exercise with others.  Your Spiece membership includes these classes and I like them for getting my cardio in. I prefer to do weights on my own in Spieces vast strength and conditioning areas.  But for those who want to lift weights in a group, Spiece has a class called Group power which does just that.

Group Blast is my favorite fitness class and uses the plastic step and risers.  You perform all kinds of leg and cardio moves on and around the step. It’s offered four times a week on Monday early morning, Wednesday mid-morning, Thursday evening and Saturday morning.  We have incredible instructors for Blast and they are Becky, Kasi and Hannah.

After class picture for the OCtober 2019 Group Blast launch