I listen and watch a lot of alternative media and and I feel the lockdown and mask-wearing are unnecessary. The Globalists (New World Order) were behind it to further take our rights. They’ve said in the past that a fake medical emergency was going to be used to exploit us and take more of our rights. 

When the mask mandate and illegal lockdown came from our glorious leader, Comrade (Governor)Holcomb, I hated it. It was still followed when I was in a business if they posted a mask policy.  This went on for many weeks and I was afraid to go against the rule since EVERYONE in the businesses were wearing a mask.

After seeing Dan Surface’s posts on Facebook about not wearing a mask, I thought that I should stop doing it too since I didn’t believe in the policy. He gave me the courage to not wear a mask during this illegal lock-down.  I visited a grocery store without a mask on and no one said anything to me!  I saw a networker I know and they didn’t have a mask on either.  They told me they haven’t worn one ever and that was great to hear. 

Five business visits later I still haven’t worn a mask yet and it’s easier and easier to do.  I hope it gives people who see me the courage to stop this stupidity and stand up for your rights.