I’m against mask wearing for a few reasons and I won’t go into them here.  Instead, I want to share something I have been pondering for months:  Why would someone wear one in this lockdown?  I’ve come up with three reasons.  1. You truly believe you’re helping yourself and other people by wearing one.   2. You are afraid of getting in trouble or someone connected to you in trouble. This might be losing a job or business  3. You believe you will be rewarded by following the mask-wearing order like money, privileges or social rank.

Many different news sources keep me informed on Covid  both mainstream and alternate.  If all I just listened to the mainstream media like CBS, NBC CNN, etc. I would be very scared and probably would wear a mask.  So what’s your reason for wearing one if you do?   I’m really curious about my #2: Are you wearing one because you are afraid of getting in trouble?  When the lockdown started, I wore one for #2 even though I knew they are worthless.  I’m wondering how many of my fellow citizens are wearing a mask in fear of being punished.