I like to stay up on what is going on in the world and one of my information sources is Alex Jones and his infowars.com web site. You will see things here that the main stream media ignores or lies about.  Infowars.com has at least three live TV shows five or six days a week. Alex can get very excited about what the globalists (New World Order) have done to our world and country. Don’t let that scare you away from this excellent information site.

My favorite aspect is the vast number of guests they have.  After being introduced to them on the TV shows I follow them directly on their own web sites and social media channels.  People like Dr. Ron Paul, Governor Jesse Ventura, and Gerald Celenti are a few of them.

Some of the other TV hosts are David Knight, Owen Shroyer and Paul Joseph Watson.  I like having different TV shows with different hosts.  This gives the audience different approaches and styles.

This week I was watching Alex’s show and he had 2 guests at the same time on the new Chinese virus.  The two experts didn’t agree on everything but it wasn’t an argument – just a discussion.  You can make up your own mind with the information they offer you.