I enjoy walking in the winter and especially in the snow. Duke the Beagle does too. We walked in the snow this week and found some nice scents to follow and smell. Well, Duke did – I couldn’t smell anything. We walked around our neighborhood which is adjacent to the river, a Farmer’s field and woods. It’s refreshing seeing the different animal tracks and hearing the birds during the walk. It’s a nice break from the stress and strain of modern life seeing nature up close.

Walking with Duke worries me about him getting too cold since he doesn’t have a long thick coat like other breeds. If it’s not under 15-20 degrees I think we’re ok as long as I keep him moving. That’s the difficult part with him being a Beagle – he lives for scents and smells and will stand over one for a long time unless I move us along.

I may look for some kind of dog coat or sweater for him, but I don’t know if he’d wear it. He might if I wait until he looks cold and then put it on him while we’re walking.

As for what I wear it depends on the temperature and wind chill factor. When it’s under 30 degrees, it’s definitely thermal underwear on my legs then loose pants over the thermals. Thermal socks if it’s under around 20-25 degrees. I have hiking shoes and then actual winter boots I wear sometimes for deeper snow.  For the torso, I layer with various sweatshirts depending on temperature and maybe a running shirt underneath. I have an old, winter coat for under 20 degrees and lighter ones for warmer days.  A winter hat is usually worn and I have a ski mask for the very cold.  Gloves are a must and I have several pairs depending on temperature. I don’t perspire much because of Duke’s slow walking pace sniffing everything. If I do get too warm, I just unzip the coat and take off the hat.

So don’t be afraid of being outdoors during the Winter – just wear more clothes!